United Methodist Church

171 Church Street

Bro Michael Burgess



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Lexington School will be collecting food to be sent home with students on Wednesday Afternoon.  Donations may be dropped off at school or at the Fellowship hall by 4 pm on Tuesday.  The recommended list is:

Cereal    Pop Tarts   Capri Sun    Juice Boxes      Tortilla Wraps

Water   Pudding Cups   Fruit Cups     Goldfish       Bread        

Cheese Crackers          Ramen Noodles        Canned Vegetables  Beans    Crackers       Tuna-Can or packet             Granola Bars  Cereal Bars   Mac/Cheese    Instant Oatmeal       Boxed Meals     

No Services until Palm Sunday

--We are seeking candidates for our Children's Director position.  Contact Mack Moncus at 205-910-1463.

--Flyers are available in Fellowsip hall for temporary job opportunities with the U.S. Government 2020 Census.  The hourly pay is $17.

--Lost and found items are in the secretary's office.  256-229-5691

Schedule  of Services and Activities

Sunday Mornings/Evenings                                                   Wednesday Evening                                         

8:30 Contemporary service in sanctuary                                      6:00 Pioneer Club 

9:45 Sunday School                                                              6::30 Youth Bible study in Youth Center

11:00 Worship in the sanctuary                                                 6:30 Adult Bible Study in Sanctuary                                         

5:00 Choir Practice in the sanctuary                                           6:30 Small Group Fellowship hall

6:00 Evening Bible Study in the sanctuary