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Discernment Resources

These resources are provided for the Lexington UMC congregation by the Lexington UMC Discernment Team.

Upcoming Discernment Events

Discernment  Study Leader Training

Sunday, November 20 @ 3:30 PM

Study leaders have been notified.

Our Discernment Study begins Sunday, January 8 in our adult Sunday School classes, and youth classes

The Apostle's Creed

Considered one of the earliest the documents written by early followers of Jesus; the Apostles’ Creed is crafted in the form of a confessional statement of Christian belief.

Articles of Religion

The Articles of Religion are the official, historic doctrinal statements of Methodism, as abridged by John Wesley.

What We Believe

United Methodists share a common heritage with all Christians.

Confession of Faith

The Confession of Faith from The Evangelical United Brethren Church contains 16 articles. They are similar to the Articles of Religion, on which they are largely based.

Video Res​ources

Update on the

United Methodist Church

Rev. Vicki Cater 

Northwest District Superintendent

North Alabama Conference

Disaffiliation, and

The Global Methodist Church

Liz Bowlin

North Alabama

Wesleyan Covenant Association

Why Stay UMC?

Lisa Keys-Matthews

Northwest District Lay Leader

North Alabama Conference


Traditionalist Viewpoint Video Series

Rob Renfroe: President & Publisher - Good News Magazine

Progressive/Centrist Viewpoint - Response to Rob Renfroe's Video Series

Adam Hamilton: Church of the Resurrection UMC (Kansas)

Traditionalist Viewpoints

Progressive/Centrist Viewpoints